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Home Evaluations - Thinking about buying or selling a specific property? Allow me to help you determine the fair market value of the home you are interested in evaluating, free of charge, and with no obligation. Please complete the online form below and a CMA will be prepared in a timely manner.

Home Care Center - Need Repairs or Landscaping? Want to get and estimate or schedule and appointment? Use our preferred vendors that are competitively priced and dependable.

Free Reports - Downloadable Reports includings Real Estate Terms Defintions and Assistance for Homebuyers from start to finish.

Sellers Advice - A useful shecklist tool for sellers to be ahead of the game to avoid buyer objections

Area Schools - Get all educational statics on local area schools so you can make the best decision on where to enroll your child.

Switch Utilites - Quick Links to all area Utility Companies to make your move go smoothly.

Community Info - Get all the details on area Hospitals, Parks and even Entertainment.